EUROMOLDOVA: Skilled migration and development practices. Moldova and South East Europe

Few months ago, in Chisinau, was launched a volume entitled Skilled migration and development practices: the cases of Moldova and the countries of South East Europe. A Swiss – Moldovan research team that coordinated the publication intended to reveal the link between the two subjects – skilled migration and development practices – in a very innovative manner: by presenting national practices in a broader regional or even European context.

By Sergiu Porcescu*, for 

Having the empirical evidence of Moldovan case as one of its core parts, the work Skilled migration concludes with a compendium of regional good practices at the level of national programmes and projects. The final task of the editors was to combine the results of a scientific investigation with practical case studies in order to identify the potential for a regional approach in this area. Because of the need for a common understanding on this point, there should be agreement among all the stakeholders involved – countries of origin, countries of destination, migrants and the society in the homeland, as well as international organisations and donors working in the region. In this regard, the authors of the papers included in the volume conducted an analysis of the current situation within the area of skilled migration management in the region and they established the outlines for the new framework for action. Continue reading: CE-Sergiu PORCESCU-MigrationDevelopment-PDF

*Mr Sergiu Porcescu, PhD candidate and  Director of the Moldovan Science and Technology Office in Brussels (MOST)



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