ANALYSIS: Moldovan Wine. A Passage to Europe

Banned by Russia, welcomed in Europe, Moldovan wines follow the same pattern their people would wish. In this context, Moldovan wines may soon travel without limit to Europe, while their producers are still stuck at the EU border.

Razvan Hoinaru

Razvan Hoinaru

By Razvan HOINARU, for

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ANALYSIS: The European path of Moldova: One step forward, two steps backwards?

And three questions to find our way through the maze.

By Victoria Onofreiciuc, former student at College of Europe

Victoria Onofreiciuc, Collège de Bruges

Victoria Onofreiciuc, College of Europe

Moldova has been one of the front-runners on the path of European Integration in 2012 or the “best pupil” in the eastern partners group according to EaP Index experts. In spite of that, Moldova risks losing this status after the recent events on the political scene in Chisinau. The vote of no-confidence received by the Moldovan Government was a surprise for the international and European communities, with all the relevant stakeholders still waiting for the consequences of this action.  Continue reading

EU needs a success story for EaP Summit in Vilnius

In May the new 2013 European Partnership Index will be issued with a ranking of its target Eastern Partnership countries. We wanted to have a foretaste of the next EaP Index with the Ukrainian expert Iryna Solonenko, who led the project of the pool of 50 experts working for the European Integration Index designed for Eastern Partnership Countries. Will Moldova keep its “best pupil” status? What about Ukraine’s evolution and its likely “success story” In Vilnius? There is optimism in the air.   Continue reading